Discovering a story and capturing the decisive moment is what drives my passion for photography.

I’ve had many influences in my creative life, but three that stand out include an old photographer friend who wisely told me that if you’re not bending your knees, you’re probably not getting a good picture. Photograph something that people pass every day in a way that they have never observed it before.

The second person, CBC Host of “On the Road Again,” Wayne Rostad interviewed ordinary people living across Canada. His interview with an older prairie farmer revealed such an interesting life. I, too, see the story in the ordinary.

The third person is Henri-Cartier Bresson and his phrase: “the decisive moment.” This moment motivates me in every composition.

My interest in photography includes documentary, street, sport and event. I also love black and white photography.

My formal training: I am a graduate of Capilano College’s Studio Art program in North Vancouver, and studied  photography at the Vancouver’s photography school, Focal Point.

My photography seeks to illuminate a story, catch a fleeting moment/feeling and make you pause.

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